Hack Windows Administrator Password

In  this  article  you’ll  learn    how  to hack  Administrator password  on windows.  We  will  use  ERD Commander,  and  flash drive (or  CD/DVD)  to  do   this  task.

This  method  is  tested  by  me and  it  works  just  fine.  Support  at  leksodav@gmail.com 😀

Try and follow the steps as closely as possible.

There are a few things you are going to need before you start this tutorial (don’t worry, I’ll go over the steps for acquiring them):

  • A USB Flash drive- a 1GB one will set you back around £10 nowadays. The drive has to be under 2GB, or it won’t be detected in some old computers
  • PE2USB- this software is available from here, and is necessary to copy ERD Commander to the USB drive
  • (of course P ) ERD commander 2005- available from here.
  • An ISO disassembly program. I use isobuster.(Deamon, alcohol, winrar,  Nero,  wirar  also  works fine )
  • A RAR/ZIP archiving program. WinRAR is an obvious choice for this one.
  • Knowledge of how to do basic stuff like creating folders, and using a web browser.

1. Create a working folder somewhere in your computer. Here I’ve created one in my D drive and called it ‘ERD’

2. Go to http://gocoding.com/page.php?al=petousb and download the english version of pe2usb. Save the file into your working folder. Extract petousb.exe from the zip into your working folder.

3. Download the RAR continaing ISO image for ERD commander from here. Save it into your working folder. Extract the ISO into the working

you  should  have  files  like  this

4. Create a folder in your working folder called ‘files’. (You could call this anything, but files seems like a good name, and makes following the tutorial easier)

5. We’re now going to extract the files from the ISO you downloaded.  I  hope  all knows  how  to  do this 🙂  simplies  method  is  to  open  .ISO  file  with  winrar  and extract   files.

6. Ensure your USB drive is plugged in (always helps, you know). In the working folder, open petousb.exe.

7. In the drop down menu, make sure that your USB drive is selected.

8. Tick the ‘enable disk format’ option. In the drive label text box, enter ‘CD’ (without the quotes). Also tick the ‘enable file copy’ option.
do like  this
9.Click the 3 dots. Select the ‘files’ folder and click ok. If you used isobuster for this step, you may find that you have to select the ‘-‘
10. Click start, then yes. Watch as your USB stick is prepared!
11. Exit PetoUsb.

Now your  USB(or CD/DVD)  Drive  is  ready.  🙂

There  is  sample  video how  to  hack(reset  password)  with  ERD Commander:

Good  luck 🙂

If  you don’t understand something or know other useful  methods  please  leave a comment   😉


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  1. I like this website 🙂

  2. ra mogecona aniko tovlebi romaa saaxalwlod? 😀

  3. good)) ase gaagrdzele Alex 😛 and wanted to tell: It’s not so easy to crack a girl. hahaa 😀

  4. გუუუდ 😀

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