Exploring DOM using Javascript

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a tree-based API for XML. It’s main focus isn’t just to parse XMLcode, but rather to represent that  using a series of interlinked objects that can be modified and  accessed directly.

DOM is a language-independent API, meaning that it is not tied  to  Java, JavaScript, or any other language in examples I’ll  use javascript to access and manipulate  it.

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Pop-ups on links

In this tutorial you’ll find how to make pop-ups on links (or  on other html elements) using Javascript and Ajax.

In the picture below you see link pop-up wich gives some information about third link on mousehover.


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Image slideshow with Javascript

In this tutorial I’ll tell you how to create image slideshow with javascript.  This will be  ajax style slideshow i.e when you click next or previous image, no page reload will happen.

Firstly we have one image and 2 links ‘previous’   and  ‘next’   just like this one  you see in the picture:

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